Just B(ɘ) Refreshed

Just B(ɘ) Refreshed

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Organic Sandalwood Deodorant, Body & Hair Powder

3 oz.

Be Refreshed is a balsam and woodsy essential oil scented, all-natural hydrating powder formulated with luxury, organic ingredients and essential oils. Ready to pour into your favorite dish for use with a powder brush or simply sprinkle on your skin or hair directly from our eco-friendly applicator. Perfect after a shower, before bed or during those humid warm days -- our handmade powders can be used in place of deodorant, as a dry shampoo for the hair, and are wonderful sealers for use after applying our skin creams, oils and sunless solutions.

Be Refreshed. Just B(ɘ) in SixPlusThree. Love the skin you’re in!