About Us

SixPlusThree is the coming together of six plus three people, principals and ingredients to form a unisex collection of luxe personal care products for everyone.  We believe that everyone should have access to products for the skin, body and one’s overall wellbeing that know no boundaries and achieve the optimal results for all - no matter the skin type, tone or gender.  In a heavily congested world of lines being drawn between gender, ethnicity, stereotypes and beliefs - we believe in blurring all lines and deliver solutions that are good for all. Just B(ɘ). In Six Plus Three.  @wersixplusthree 


Note: A portion of our sales and profits from all SixPlusThree solutions go to help youth struggling with finding support to help them through their personal journey.  We want everyone to have a chance at finding the resources available to them while discovering their true self, no matter the path they've been given. Just B(ɘ). In SixPlusThree.